In Over Her Head

I hate winter because I hate snow. I don't mind rain nearly as much because you don't have to shovel rain.

Addie hates rain. She doesn't mind the snow as much, until it gets to a certain height, like it did today.

The Ad-ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 9 - CTA vs CAT

When you break it down, there are too many similarities between public transportation and a cat. Never there when you want them. Always seem to be sitting in one spot and just not moving, sometimes for hours on end. Show up and make noise when you're trying to sleep. And oddly, there always seems to be at least a faint smell of urine.

Addie is learning these facts. She already knew it from the cat at home. Maybe there's just something about those 3 letters.

The Ad-Ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 6 - A Quiet Place

"No animals were harmed in the making of this picture."

Lake Street in Chicago, noon on a Wednesday. 2 weeks ago, this would have constituted animal cruelty or just sheer stupidity. Now? I had basically as much time as I needed to walk out there, compose the shot, put her leash back on and continue our walk.

For a brief moment, I thought, "Wow. When am I EVER going to get this opportunity again!?!" Then I realized "More often than I care to realize."

The Ad-Ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 7 - Not For Very Much Longer

While traffic (foot and vehicle) is ramping up ever so slightly, it's still nowhere near what they used to be. And with the lockdown set to ease restrictions sometime next week, it should be even more noticeable.

Restaurant will be allowed outdoor seating, and hopefully the weather is finally better for the foreseeable future, and some of these businesses can have a chance.

I'm not taking a "stance". I see both sides of the argument, as both have valid points. It would be easy for me to take one stance over another, but that's only because I have not experienced what it's like to possibly lose my life's work in a matter of months.

Sadly, I don't see there ever being a "solution" that appeals to everyone. And the country has yet one more thing to be fractured over.

The Ad-ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 8 - Dog Days

A hot summer day means it's OK to stop in for a little refreshment on a lunch break. No better place to go than the local watering hole.

YAY! Places are finally open! BOO! Addie forgot her ID and couldn't get in. I tried to explain that, sure she's only 11, but that's 77 in dog years! "Sorry, no ID, no entry. How do we know she's not a cop?"

That's OK, I don't drink alcohol anyway, and Addie says that if they won't let her in, she doesn't WANT to go there anyway!

The Ad-Ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 5 - The Return of the Queen 

When something is really important to you, and that something gets taken away, what are your choices? Accept it, fight it, or figure a way around it.

When a faceless corporate policy left Addie on the outside looking in at our workplace, I knew that there was a solution. It took a little time, but everything was done "by the books", all company policies were adhered to, and everyone is happy. Especially me and Addie.

I would be remiss if I didn't say "Thank you" to some of the people in my company who agreed with me the whole time but had their hands tied by corporate doublespeak and legalese. They worked with me and we found an equitable solution. I won't name names here, but "they have our gratitude".

Bonus points if you can name the movie the last quote came from.

The Ad-Ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 4 - Time for Lunch

Being at work all morning means that you have EARNED yourself a good lunch, so it's off to the Cobra Lounge, a staple on the near West Side of Chicago for the last 30 years. World-renowned (at least by me) for the best damn tater tots, bar none!

What?!? No dogs allowed? How can a place that is NAMED after a dangerous reptile NOT allow a cute and harmless little lady like Addie? I know for one thing, I would MUCH rather have lunch with her than with a cobra!

The Ad-ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 3 - The UC 

No visit to Chicago is complete with paying a visit to the United Center to see the statue of "The GOAT", Michael Jordan (for those who don't know, that stands for "Greatest Of All Time"). And since I consider Addie the GOAT of dogs, it made perfect sense.

We get to the UC, and we see the Hull/Makita statue right out front. But wait!! NO Jordan statue? It turns out the statue has been moved inside. Bummer!

She got shut out on seeing the statue, but no trip is complete without a souvenir. Luckily, right next door is the Madhouse Team Store (the UC is also known as "The Madhouse on Madison"). And yay! They're open. But boo! NO DOGS!
Thanks, United Center. No statue, no Bulls shirt. Just a bunch of "bullshit".

The Ad-Ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 2 - The CTA 

I guess CTA doesn't stand for "Canine Transportation Authority". It turns out that Addie is NOT a big fan of public transportation. Too many people (more than pictured here), always too busy on their phones, no one is paying attention to the possibility of a dog under their feet.

Add the fact that she doesn't have opposable thumbs and therefore can't hold and swipe her Ventra card. Maybe she can wear it on her collar?

But for now, Addie and I will stick to private transportation. Traffic can suck, and we leave earlier, but at least I know how my car will smell on any given day.

The Ad-ventures of Addie in the City - Chapter 1 - Making a New Friend

It's great to be able to bring my best girl to work again. I'm thinking maybe a children's book is in the works here? It's never too early for kids to learn lessons like "Don't eat THAT!" and "Watch Out for the Broken Glass", or "Don't Carry a Lot of Cash!"

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