Old Love - Brussels

Everyone knows the special feeling of "young love", and the magic that accompanies it. Not everyone is fortunate enough to experience "old love", finding that special person that you are lucky enough to gladly spend the rest of your life with.

My apologies to anyone that is disappointed that I didn't post any granny porn with the title "Old Love".

Happy Hat - Brussels

At least the malls in Brussels are a bit more "upscale" than I am used to. With these prices, I am glad I didn't bring my daughter with me.

What Are You Looking At? - Brussels

As if there aren't enough hipsters in Brussels, they have to have hipster mannequins too? Is there some kind of requirement that they have to have so many hipsters at any given moment, so they keep ringers in there?

2 Women, Train Station, Antwerp

I shot this yesterday (Saturday), and was really torn about not being able to use it as my "picture of the day", because I really liked it, I just liked "Old Love" more (don't interpret that the wrong way!).

So instead, I am using this as my commemorative 1000 upload onto Flickr. I figured it at least makes the shot somewhat memorable to me.

Holding Hands, Antwerp Train Station

Passing Time at Antwerp Train Station

Antwerp Train Station. Cliche, sure, but I don't care. I had to have it.

Walking Alone, Antwerp Train Station

I promise, the train station was a lot busier than I seem to be depicting here. It's all in the timing of the shots!

Another Day, Another Jan pt.2 - Antwerp

I'm starting to think there may be a law in Belgium that says, "If you have a child of the male persuasion, this child must be named Jan". Between work, the hotel, cab rides, and just bumming around, this is the 6th Jan I have met in the last 5 days. I wonder if their last names are all "Smith".

Rain, Again - Antwerp

It rains a lot here. But at least I don't have to shovel rain.

Unbelievably Breathtaking View From Street Level - Antwerp

I don't think I need to elaborate any further, just that it is even more breathtaking in person. I'm glad I saw it.

Drivers, Waiting - Antwerp

Outside the Hilton Antwerp

Too Many Cooks - Antwerp

I was passing a restaurant just out walking and shooting mindlessly. I peered in at the seated customers, and walked away with nothing. I saw the cooks, walked back, and shot 2 frames before I was shooed away with a stern glance from the cook who appeared to have no more patience.

Folded Umbrellas - Antwerp

Just walking around. It's just so peaceful and beautiful around here. People usually don't want their pictures taken, because usually people are eating or drinking. But they always are nice enough to say "No thank you" when I ask.

Quiet Side Street - Antwerp

Not a lot of people out on Sunday night. Either everyone has to get up early for work (doubt it) or they can't handle the "cold" out here. It's currently 41 degrees (Fahrenheit), but it is windy. Whhaaaaahhh! Maybe some of them should try Chicago if they think this is too cold.

Museum Steps - Antwerp

At the steps of the museum there is a courtyard. Children were playing soccer in the courtyard, and people were watching them play. I chose to watch the people who were watching the children playing soccer.

What in the Hell Did I EVER See in You? - Antwerp

There is a small street cafe right down the way from the hotel. This couple was sitting out in front. Not a word was spoken, but the look on his face seemed to say, "What in the Hell did I EVER see in you? Oh, to be young again!!"

Of course, I'm sure they love each other very much. Maybe I'm just projecting.

Busted By the Bouncer - Antwerp

Bar across the street from the hotel. Guess I wasn't being as surreptitious as I thought.

Devil In My Car - Antwerp

Had a most interesting cab ride to the hotel. The driver was, by far, the most literate, well-read, and opinionated driver I have ever met. Very well-spoken, really knew his politics and history, and was willing to listen as well as talk. But I was too fascinated by the artwork a previous passenger had left for us. I told the driver that if he sells the window like those people sell Jesus Pringles on Ebay, I want my cut.

As far as "picture of the day" is concerned, I'm going with what day it feels like to me, the hell with what my camera says. I don't have the time to analyze the time change when I'm shooting. If it feels like Saturday/Sunday/whatever to me, then that's what it is.

More Than Toilet - Shanghai

Sign at the Tianzifang Market. Personally, I don't know what could POSSIBLY be more delicious or happy than a toilet, but I guess they found it!

Shy - Shanghai

As I was taking "Laughing Man", a local woman and her daughter showed up watching. The woman didn't have a problem with me taking a picture of her daughter. The daughter, however, seemed to have a problem with me. Whenever I tried to get down to her level and shoot, she would hide behind her mother. She would occasionally peek out to see if I had left yet. Lucky for me I got one frame of her peeking. One of my personal favorites from my trip.

As I told the story to a woman at work, she explained that the girl had, most likely, never seen an American before. She was probably scared because she didn't know what was wrong with my face. I'm sure she isn't the first person that has ever thought that.

Praying at the Temple - Shanghai

There is a prayer area in the back of the temple as well as in the front. Perhaps some people feel it is more respectful or reverential to not look directly at Buddha when in prayer.

Eggs, Claw - Shanghai 

2nd day walking through the neighborhood behind the studio. First "storefront" I came upon, a woman was sitting, sifting through seemingly endless baskets of eggs. Separating from one basket to another, for what reason, I have no idea. But she had more than enough eggs for the day. After about 3 frames, she kindly waved me away.


At the very back of the park is a small sandpit area. In this area, people exercise. Their exercise takes various forms. Some are your "standard" exercises (more on that next), and some are more mental than physical. This gentleman was rotating his body back and forth, circling one way and back the other way. Each individual has their own way of getting in tune with their own body.

Inside Jing'An Temple - Shanghai

Inside the main temple. Immense and impressive. The enormity takes your breath away.

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