Wish You Were Here

Wish you were here. Then YOU could deal with Florida and "Florida Man".

Hey Bartender

I had the unique opportunity to go to The Cliff Dwellers in Chicago last night. A unique opportunity for ME, that is, as this is not the kind of place I usually find myself.
They are a private club, dedicated to supporting the artistic community in Chicago. A co-worker is currently an artist in residency there. An amazing opportunity for him that I'm sure he will take full advantage of.
I was expecting pretension and stuffed shirts. I could not have been more wrong. This was the nicest and most welcoming group of people I have ever met. Not an attitude in the bunch, and they honestly treated me like I was an old friend.

Kingpin Lanes

There really wasn't a lot to see but it was still pretty hard to mi


Cruising, Orlando Style

I do my best to not be jealous of people that have the things that I don't, but at some point you have to draw the line. I mean, a convertible boat?!? How am I NOT supposed to say "I wish I had that!"


Made in the Shade

9 days out of 10, I have my camera sitting neatly tucked into my camera bag on the seat next to me in the car. Obviously not the most convenient for shooting when you see "that picture" right outside your drivers side window.

Today was the 1 day out of 10. At least I got my picture of the day.

They Call Him Coldfinger

Yellow Monte Carlo

The rain was kind enough to wait until we finished our jump. Got home, everything looked good until I got into my parking lot. A days worth of rain came down in about 15 minutes. Couldn't even run the 50 feet to the door, so just waited it out.
This is it, Kathy and JZ. Enjoy the last week!

Running Down a Dream

We've had more than our fair share of "water events" over the last couple of weeks, and today was supposed to be no different. At 4 am, the forecast called for day-long thunderstorms.

Ah, to be a weatherman. By 6 am, the forecast had changed, and we had barely any rain today. Good thing, because many areas have already hit their capacity, so hopefully they get a couple of days to dry out.
And yes, I KNOW he's not technically "running". Just not in this picture. But at one point he was, and Tom Petty never wrote a song called "Walking Down a Dream". So sue me.

Another Day

Another "weather event". Luckily this one was mild, albeit unexpected. Nice morning, go out this afternoon to a new blanket of snow and less than ideal driving conditions. I will NEVER get used to this. It's been 56 years, and I think I despise Winter more than ever.


This car hasn't moved in months. Something tells me it won't be moving for a few months more.

Words of Wisdom

The only thing that would be more accurate would be if the signs said "Stop. STOP!!!!!" Or "Stop. Enough already!" Snow and 30 MPH wind gusts on top of the ice from this morning made for ANOTHER "weather event". I'm REALLY sick of that phrase at this point, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

And yes Kathy, I changed my photo of the day! I was ok with what I had before, but I like this more.


3 Nuns Walk Into a Gorilla House... 

OK, so that's all I have of the joke so far. No build up, no punchline. But I think it's a good start. I mean, I don't recall ever hearing THAT premise before.

The Shadow

Out of My Comfort Zone

Not what I usually shoot, but maybe that's why I like it so much.

The Lighthouse Pano

For Heidi. Thanks for the hospitality!

Dark Day

Thank God for waterproof boots. I never know where I am going to be dumb enough to end up. Like, say, 6 inches of cold wet mud that turns the consistency of cement if you stand still for 30 seconds or so.

The Trees

Snowy Night, Surprisingly Light of Traffic

Driving home, with snow, in rush hour. I couldn't believe my traffic app when it showed no traffic. Surprise, surprise, no traffic! I could have made it home in record time, but I saw this lonely vehicle parked, so I turned around to head back to shoot. By the time I got back, the lights were off, and I had missed my window of opportunity (bastard!). Had to drive and turn around again to head back home. Lo and behold, when I passed it again, lights on. Taking no chances, I pulled into their driveway, jumped out, and shot a few frames. Too damn windy to shoot more than a few anyway.

No-So-Late-Night Drive-In

Passed by a hot dog stand on the way after it had started raining. Better than nothing, I thought. I like it more than I though I would.

How could it be a long day at work when we left early? I don't know, but I had no time to shoot during the day for myself. Throw in a 40 mile drive home in the dark, and the opportunities are limited.

Rolling Clouds

What a beautiful, still, quiet, peaceful night. Can't let it go to waste. Time to go for a run and enjoy the silence.

Quiet Road

Luckily there were no cars coming either way, as I was able to pull into the center of the road to shoot. This is about 1/2 mile from the expressway entrance, and it's ALWAYS packed with cars. Not today.

Too Tender to Touch

The title is an old Lene Lovich song. Thought it was appropriate. Not sure why.


If you live in Chicago, no description needed. This has been brewing all day, and it looks like it's finally starting to hit.


Heavy cloud cover over the Chicago skyline on Friday morning. Cleared up nicely for Saturday.

Don't Mess With Mother Nature

Because Mother Nature can be an absolute bitch when she messes back.

I thought I would take a little walk into these woods and get a picture because it looked "pretty". I walk in to get a shot, and it's not what I want. So I walk a little further. And further, and further. Before I realize it, I had gotten myself completely surrounded by lakes of mossy swamp water, clinging thorn vines that were literally anywhere from 4 to 7 feet high, tree stumps, and trees that had fallen over. It was more than vaguely reminiscent of the scene in "The Evil Dead" where the trees come to life and attack.

I was stuck in this thicket for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It took me that long to cover approximately 600 yards of territory. When I finally found my way out, it was dark, I had cuts on my hands and legs, I had spent time on my back (falling over tree limbs twice), and was completely covered in burrs. I promised Mother Nature if she let me out, I would not come back.

OK, I lied. I had to get a picture of the woods to go along with the story, so I went back in no more that 10 feet to take this picture. Next time I even THINK about going back in…nah, I won't even think about it.

This was a 30 second exposure at dusk, with the ray effect achieved in camera, not in post-processing.

Cliche Sunrise

I couldn't just do "Cliche Sunset" and leave it at that. Sunrise would be jealous.
Driving in to work this morning. My favorite "iconic" farmhouse, one of the few that is left. Lots of condensation, even more mosquitoes. It was worth the effort and discomfort.

Farm, Fog, Corn

The Simple Things

It's funny (in an ironic way), but when we're young, we envy so much of what adults have. Money, cars, sex, perceived "freedom". But as we get older and attain these things, we yearn for the simplicity of youth - lack of responsibility, and enjoying just the simplest of things, like a beautiful day outside, and school being out for the summer.

Half a Man NOLA

The Beauty of Simplicity

You can stumble around forever, looking for the answers that you can't seem to find. But relax, don't press, and the simplest, tiniest answer just presents itself.

Hand in Hand 

Just a young couple I met on the way home today. They reminded me so much of a much simpler time…a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a quiet walk after fishing, nothing to do but enjoy each others company. I even hated to bother them to ask if I could take a picture, but I'm glad I did. I'm slightly envious at the simplicity of their afternoon.

15 Under

Driving home from work, I got stuck behind this couple on a back road. Normally, when someone is going 15 miles under the speed limit, my first (and only) inclination is to go batshit crazy, tailgate, and then pass at the first opportunity. But the car was so cool, and the sun felt like a gorgeous summer day, so I just followed their lead, took my time, and relaxed. Maybe I should just follow them around more often.

The Roll

Giant hay roll in the middle of a public preserve on the way home. I really don't know why.

Blood Moonrise

Tough call today on which shot I wanted to use (a good problem to have). Was driving home from "Creep On Creepin' On Pt. IV", and I saw the blood moon on the horizon. Yes, that's the moon. I wanted to convey exactly how the moon looked to me, so I set the color temp to warm up the shot instead of the standard "cold moon".


I remember a couple of years ago, Quinn said to me that she really liked when I did the first 365 because I had taken some really pretty pictures, aside from all the abandonment. She was hoping that I would do more. I like this one, and I hope it qualifies.

The Road Home

Not a lot of time tonight. Was searching for something to shoot, when I realized something. I knew this year would be personal for me, and what could be more personal than remembering the neighborhood where I raised my children? 

I'm not sure how much longer I am going to be around here, so I might as well take a few opportunities to "make some memories". After all, there WERE some good times. Too bad there just weren't enough. 

P.S. I didn't notice till I processed it, but I really like the plane (UFO?) in the sky.  

P.P.S. Didn't super-saturate the sky in post. Shot at 2400k in camera for that "cold feeling".

Roadside Companion

Walking home from the mechanic, there is a stretch of road about a mile long. I seemed to be racing this empty jug all the way down the street. The wind would pick up or a car would drive by and it would pass me by. I would catch up, another wind would come, and I would have to play catch up again. This went on the entire length of the road. I eventually had to turn, so we parted company.

Water Punch

More fun than I thought it would be. More messy too. At least I learned something for next time I decide to drop a body part in the water.

Lonely Skateboarder

Two frames, she turned around, and I was busted. Guess she figured I was just creepin' on her (for the record, I was not…I was creepin' on the scene itself). Grabbed her board, and she was gone. Then again, so was I. 

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