A very conveniently-timed bike rider unknowingly crossed my path.

Midnight at the Oasis

We're #1!

It took a few weeks, but Chicago is no longer playing second fiddle to New York. At least for one day, Chicago can proudly boast of the worst air quality IN THE WORLD! YEAH!!

With the Canadian wildfires still burning, this issue seems like it's going to be gift that keeps on giving for quite a while. How is it that every year we seem to be able to say "I've never seen anything like this!" for a different reason?

Residue of a Foggy Morning

I was hoping that the fog in the city was going to be as heavy as we had in the burbs. No such luck. But the residual haze did soften the usual harsh light on the streets coming through the tracks. I'll take whatever I can get.

I Want to Ride My...

Emily, Ready To Leave

I was leaving work late and had yet to get my picture of the day, so I figured I would take a quick walk around the hood before I started home. I saw a motorcycle parked, and as I was crouching to take a picture with the sunset behind, Emily (the owner) came up to get on. I introduced myself and asked if I could take a couple of quick pictures. She did not mind.

In our very brief conversation, I found out that Emily is the owner of a local stained glass gallery. She invited me to come and take a look at the studio. I think I might take her up on that.

Streets of Fire

Summer Color, Winter Weather

Maybe it's a mind over matter thing. Bask in the glow of the loud, warm colors, even if they are painted on a crumbling brick wall. Wear the red pants and use the pink scarf, because the splash of color will brighten up an otherwise horrific "Welcome to the Working Week".

Or maybe it was just what was convenient to throw on in the mad rush to try to beat the REALLY horrible traffic that was just beginning as I was finishing my commute.

Light From 3 Windows in the Alley

The Original Warming Station

One thing that people on the street learn pretty quickly is who is going to be a "friendly", and who is not? On a cold morning, you want to know what establishments will let you warm up momentarily in the lobby before the day begins, as opposed to the places that are going to toss you out immediately (hence the term "the bum's rush")

When you panhandle on the same corners over the span of years/decades, you know those places. Hillbilly knows where he can stop in when he needs a break from the weather.

Night and the City

At least it was quiet on the street. More than I can say for the rest of my morning. One of those days that makes you say "Why did I even wake up?"

The Gauntlet

With Love

Under the tracks on Hoyne in Chicago. At first glance, the bear can seem ironic until you realize that this is home to some people, including women. Maybe every little touch makes it a little more tolerable.

Blue and Blonde

Morgan Street Station, Chicago, evening rush hour. That is all.


I thought it looked like a giant robot attacking. Maybe my parents took me to too many movies when I was a kid. Anyway, Happy Tax Day, everybody!


Getting up at 4 am is a bitch, and more often then not, I want nothing more than to crawl back under the covers. ESPECIALLY when the weather app say it's 13 degrees outside.

But when the morning "work" is done and I'm pulling into work and I see a great sunrise, it makes it worth it. It's like the gods pushed the saturation up on it this morning.


Hopefully not "before the storm". It was a nice peaceful morning, and I would have felt "Catholic guilt"y if I didn't take a few minutes to shoot. Keeping fingers crossed for calm weather at least through the upcoming holiday.

The L

2 Chicago icons - The Sears Tower (sorry, I'm old school) and the "L" train. Cloudy stormy morning, and since it is presently raining outside, I'm betting this is going to be the best picture I get today (but you never know).

They Got Me Covered
Someone is going to have a really easy day at work. Mother Nature has got this taken care of for today.

Not Again

I could have sworn it was 70 degrees just last week. These are the days that I am so glad I come into work early,

Hugo's Yellow Boots

Hugo works with Raul. He was walking away from this blue wall when I first saw him. After I took Raul's picture (which Hugo found very amusing), I asked if I might get a picture of his boots by the wall. He thought it a bit of a strange request, but he went along with it.


I don't hate driving. I hate drivers.

Texting. Talking on the phone. Checking the glove compartment. But if you REALLY want to get on my bad side, rubberneck when you're in front of me. At an accident, if I see your head swivel, my horn will snap you back to attention pretty quick.

Roll over accidents on every expressway. What is usually a 35 minute drive took just under an hour and a half, white knuckle most of the way.

And I've been doing this for 35 years. Don't tell me I should "try to relax".

New Kid in Town

This is probably my favorite alley in my work neighborhood. I've met some pretty memorable people in this alley, and I've taken some memorable photos (at least to me) in this alley. I drive through it at LEAST twice a week, sometimes more. I can't recall seeing the horse trailer before. So it caught my attention. And the flag? That's iconic. As tattered as it is, I adore that flag.

Early Morning, Bitter Cold

Currently -9 air temperature on the West Side of Chicago. I hate to say I like these mornings, but there is a very eerie calm about them. This part of the city still has that kind of 70's "Taxi Driver" vibe to it. Gritty, dirty, coarse. There's something kind of nostalgic about it.

Jerry, Texting 

Lunchtime stroll around the neighborhood. I saw this gentleman on his phone this way. Not wanting to creep on him, I introduced myself, explained myself, and asked if I could take a couple of pictures of his back. Bemused, he asked what he needed to do. "Nothing. Just do what you're doing." He was willing to do that.

Waiting for the Bus/ Jesus Just Left Chicago

On such a sunny day, it was pretty sad to see this woman, standing at the bus stop by herself on the corner of Western and Cermak, staring straight ahead with hands clenched, muttering something to herself. I'm not sure if it was a prayer she was saying, or what she was thinking. But she was completely oblivious to everyone and everything around her. Only when the bus pulled up and people started passing her to get on did she move, like she was wakened from a trance, and boarded the bus.

Maybe I've Been Looking at This All Wrong

Left work fairly late this evening, as I went out (!!!) and had to come back to work. As it was snowing pretty briskly, I realized that people are right when they say things like "The snow is pretty." It actually WAS kind of nice to look at.
The thing I don't like about snow are just the hassles that go with it. The shoveling, the traffic, the mess, the etc… Maybe if all I had to do was sit inside, look out a window, and admire a beautiful scenic snowfall (even a gritty urban one), I might like Winter a bit more than I do.

Sore Thumb

Tough to miss. Random parking lot I walked on to. Good thing it's early and there's no one there to yell at me.

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